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Using the enhancement of Makeup or Special FX to create beyond-belief realities for the viewer is extremely effective. Whether creating a “perfect” appearance, the “pain” of a black eye or bruised lip, bringing a monster drawn on paper to life, or revealing the blood & guts trauma that make a story or event all-to-real, the illusion created through special make-up applications will give your works a powerful edge.


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Remake me up right.

Platinum Dunes is an American production company created in 2001 by filmmakers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form. The company specializes in horror films, particularly remakes. They are behind some of the decade’s biggest horror remakes,  like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Remakes are a dime a dozen these days, and horror remakes have especially found a niche of being easily marketed to a built-in audience of die-hard fans.  It’s a huge debate in the horror industry whether or not the classic should be remade.  There are a few out there that work.  And by work, I mean they improved on the original movie’s concept or story, and deliver a better version. On the other hand, there are a number of horror remakes that simply don’t work –

The field of practical effects is more essential to horror than it is to  any other genre (with the possible exception of sci-fi). In today’s remake film world, CGI runs rampant. In the past CGI was used mostly to supplement practical effects, or was not even used at all. However now it is used for full effects, in almost every movie.   As a special effects artist, one of the best homage’s to the originals is the use of practical makeup effects.  There are amazing artists out there that can bring  a whole new level of realism to the projects just like the classics with the use of makeup.  If you’re going to do it, do it right!

New Feature Film

Bio Duck Fx has taken on a new project!  We are excited to announce being the SpFX team for the epic adventure film FearFighter.  It will be filled with several  monsters and pently of effects!  We are very excited to being working with new team members and some amazing talent!

Adrenaline Film Project

Last weekend Bio Duck FX did makeup in a short film compition called the Adrenaline Film Project with the Virginia Film Festival.  The catagory was…B-Movie!  We had a great time!  A few zombies (of course) and one giant fishman later, in 72 hours a film was made!  We won audience choice!  Congrats to all the talented cast and crew.  We had a great time!

Plan 9 pick up shoot!

Over the weekend Bio Duck FX worked on a pick up shoot for the feature film Plan 9 (the remake of Ed Woods, Plan 9 From Outerspace)  We finished the principle filming in May, and this was just a quick scene for the opening credits. 

The scene required an underwater zombie!  They shot with both a digital camera and a 16mm camera!  We had a great time creating the zombie using our underwater makeup kits and fx contact lenses!


We have been busy little Duckies!

This fall has brought an abondance of work our way.  We will be posting and updating pictures about these soon! 

But right now, my friends, Bio Duck FX is gearing up for the remake of Plan 9 From Outerspace!  That’s right! March 20th we head to set and begin diving into a sifi/horror world of bliss. 

From zombies to aliens this movie will have everything! 

I have a question for you….If you could see one amazing special effect shot (and we are talking practical makeup, no CG here) What would it be? 

So stay tuned, and talk hard my friends.  The future is in you hands.

Ducks Out.

The Big Spooky!


This week Bio Duck FX is heading down to the land of bikinis and childhood fantasies!  That right we are going to Florida to attend the horror convention The Spooky Empire!  I am bring the makeup kit to glam and gore up the crowd!

In other news, I will be working on a special project on the 17th that I would like to spread the word about..

Lee Park, Charlottesville, VA • Sunday, October 17th, 8:30AM

Ready, set, brains! Be a runner. Or, be a zombie.
Runners will get a few minutes head start before we
release the zombies. Undead get points for “kills.”
Runners get points for living to the end of the race.
Prizes to be awarded at the race’s bloody end:
Fastest man, woman and child. Best zombie. Most kills.
The route runs through Downtown Charlottesville.

Come early and get made up as a zombie by Bio Duck FX!!!

It’s aliiiive!

Hey guys!

Thanks for checking out my new website!  I will be updating this blog regularly with information about current and up and coming projects. So check back in from time to time to see what’s going on with the Ducks!

I will be attending Monster-Mania this weekend in Huntsvalley, MD!  I will be hanging around the Darkstone Entertainment table, so come by and say hi!